Have you ever wonder what girls talk about when you are’nt there or ever wonder if girls talk about boys too, yes they do and I did a little questioning, I asked 21 girls what they talk about when they are alone with other girls. And here are there replies:

1. Physical looks: Yeah! Girls check out boys too. They compare and contrast different boys and gist about how good looking those boys are.

2. Sex: You hear things like “ So, tell me = how was it, “ how long is his eggplant”. All girls explain their “ Private life” to there friends. It like a rule among them. When you are besties, you don’t keep secret.

3. Periods: We all believe they’re the worst part of every month. So therefore girls talk about it everytime.

4. Intimacy: They talk about the last time they had sex, body counts, longest sex duration, weirdest sex and sexual experience in general.

5. Gossip: Obviously, girls gossip about other girls

6. Future plans: They have ambitions too.

7. Food: They also talk about recipes, meals, restaurants etc

8. Cleavage: Whether it’s a girls night out and the twins are looking top notch, or whether they’ve grown or shrunk in size, girls talk about everything.

9. Kids: They also talk about how many babies they are going to have or if they are not having any at all.

10. Clothes: They talk about whether there outfit looks okay or not.

11. Makeup: They are either talking about if there makeup is too much or okay.

12. Movies, music and books: What trending, latest music or movies. Girls talks about things like this a lot.

13. Sometimes they over share: Then they start talking about the weird, dirty, baad or interesting things they’ve done.