Cynthia Nwajiobi, together with Tochi Ejike have worked tirelessly for the past 14 days to enlighten the women on who they truly are and to spur them into making a difference in their  worlds. This has been going on well on social media for 14 consecutive days, from the 14th to 28th of October, 2018. Here’s the summary of it all. You can follow Cynthia Nwajiobi on Facebook to get the full details…


   Have these 14days challenge pushed you into action or given you the ability to think for yourself? It should have, that is why it was created. The 14days should have provoked you to think for yourself. Nothing happens unless one thinks. When God created the earth, he put everything man needed in it. And since then man has used its thoughts firstly to create everything we now have and experience. As women, you have the power, being a woman is a gift and you all need to take it with quiet pride and thoughtfully take rightful action to create ripple effects that would spread into the soul of everyone you come in contact with. Now what action should you begin to take?
1. Come out of that guise.
2. Understand your purpose.
3. You are a part of this ‘making a world a better place.’
4. You should think, have a growth mindset.
5. Your idea to stop political chaos counts, you don’t have to loath politics.
6. Give back to the world, you gotta start where you are.
7. You can be just what you want, everything you ever want to be.
8. Misandry is stale, you are a help meet.
9. Get acquainted with true education.
10. Master fear.
11. You could connect with other women. Always remember, we’re a team.
12. Understand your society and proffer solutions to the problems you see.
13. Soon, tomorrow, when-the-time-comes doesn’t exist and can be just now.
14. The world is waiting, you should leave here devoid of content.
   In conclusion, I am a woman, delicate yet strong. I am here to make the world a better place. I am proud. I have taken the gift of womanhood to create beauty in everything and everyone come across. As women, let’s go out there and create beauty, we are not better, we are not lesser. What are we? We are women.

—Cynthia Nwajiobi, in collaboration with Tochi Ejike.