First year is over, the journey continues. I will start by saying that some of the stupid mistakes we make are as a result of what we thought was the best thing to do. Yes, you may actually be right, but rightfully wrong.

After making certain stupid mistakes in their first year, college students proceed expressly to make dangerous mistakes in their second year. About 70% of students are guilty of one or more of these mistakes in their second year of study.

The mistakes made in first year can be corrected in the second year. However, when stupid mistakes made in first year are followed immediately by dangerous mistakes, then things begin to fall apart.

In this article, I will talk about the dangerous mistakes students make in their second year and possible solutions. If you do not read this witty article to the end, it proves that you are guilty of the statement “Students no Longer read”.

Dangerous Mistakes Of Second Year Students

1. Repeating the stupid mistakes:

Making mistakes is not bad but, repeating the same mistakes over again is where the problem lies. It is true that university students make stupid mistakes in their 100L. However, so many students repeat such mistakes in their second year. Some of the major mistakes students repeated in college second year are:

  • Saying yes to distractions
  • Uncontrolled social life
  • Skipping classes
  • Procrastination
  • Paying more attention to dressing
  • Know it all attitude
  • Pleasing everyone

Your past tense can alter your present tense. If care is not taken, your future tense will be affected. Socrates made a powerful statement, “The un-examined life is not worth living”. Analyze your mistakes in year one and begin to learn from them. Understanding your past makes you walk into the future with full confidence.