Isaac Odugbesan a.k.a Hybrid is out with a magical tune titled ALLOW YOURSELF (Freedom For Black Woman) Production Credits to Licious Crakitt
Freedom, a very difficult word to define, for some people, it means the ability to work outside your house without the fear of getting killed, kidnapped or injured, for others it is a defence allowing them to use the word as they like to their own advantage.
Female Freedom is simply  not holding anyone to high standards, as everyone expect females to behave in a certain way, and do certain things whilst not doing others. it should be normal that some women work full time and make a living, so what ALLOW THEM, to ALLOW THEMSELVES, This is freedom, when each woman has a goal personal to herself and is able to go for that goal without being told she can’t. Don’t let anybody tell you, it can’t be done, cos in the end we all should stop advocating for freedom of speech, when we have freedom of thoughts…..Allow yourself…by hybrid.
Listen and share your thought!!

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