The Kaduna State governor, Nasir El-Rufai, has broken silence over Senator Shehu Sani’s decision to remain in the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC.

Mr Sani, who had earlier shown interest in defecting to PDP over his feud with Mr El-Rufai, stunned political observers when changed decision to remain in the party at the eleventh hour.

The senator was among the 42 out of the 53 APC senators who paid allegiance to President Muhammadu Buhari on Wednesday at the First Lady Conference Room in Aso Rock.

Responding to a question during a live radio programme on Thursday night, Mr El-Rufai likened Mr Sani’s crimes to a “political apostasy”.

The governor noted that he would not be fully accommodated back into the party until he corrected what led to the “political apostasy”.

The governor listed some of the senator’s crimes as rejecting the $350m World Bank loan request at the senate, adding that the senator also remained suspended from the party at the ward level.

“He has to repent, tell Kaduna people why he sabotaged them. He has to also go back to the ward level, because as far as we are concerned he remains suspended from the party.

In April, the Senate rejected Kaduna State Government’s request for the approval of a $350million loan, after three senators from the state, including Mr Sani, kicked against the request.

The three senators also warned other banks against giving the state facility.

It is however not clear whether Mr El-Rufai would accept Mr Sani when the national leadership of the party intervenes.

El-Rufai lists conditions for forgiving Shehu Sani

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Sai buhari

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When person pass he pass you.

Shehu Sani should chop the humble pie.

APC is like Real Madrid F.C too big to any individual, if you want to go, go