How to detox your body at home: 5 tips

Complex procedures for body detoxification in a beauty salon are great, but there are small steps that you can take at home as well. They won’t act immediately, but will be very useful in a long term. In order to have a healthy body, and sometimes with impunity, indulge yourself with small pleasures, we recommend that you use the simple tips that will purify your cells step by step, every day.
To enhance the effect, try to eliminate or reduce the consumption of the following toxins: coffee, alcohol, tobacco, hydrogenated fats, sugar, as well as chemicals from personal hygiene items. Also, try to avoid stressful situations.
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1.   Water balance

Beware of dehydration, as this prevents your body from removing “waste”. The goal is 5 − 15 glasses of pure water a day. But do not violate yourself: drink as much as your body need.

2.    Start your day with water and a piece of lemon

A glass of hot water and lemon juice will not replace your morning coffee, but you can start the day with such a procedure. Hot water will gently awaken the body, and the lemon juice will beneficially impact digestion and regeneration of liver cells.

3. Choose organic, seasonal foods

Products without a packaging − solid and fresh − are the most beneficial for the body. They contain not only pure vitamins, minerals and trace elements, but also enzymes and acids, which you will not find in temperature-processed food or semi-finished products. Choose seasonal foods, that there was no need to fertilize, so that they matured faster than the first organic harvest.

4.    Eat enough amount of fiber

Coarse fiber is not digested by the body and will sweep away everything superfluous from the walls of the intestines like a broom. The highest amount of fiber is contained in greens, beans and peas, nuts and unprocessed cereals, wholegrain bread, carrots, apples, berries, cabbages, as well as in bran, which can be added to the morning muesli or a cup of yogurt.

5.    Drink herbal or green tea

They have a much gentler effect on the body than caffeine “kick”. And green tea gives you energy. It contains a considerable number of thein, which has the same effect as a couple cups of good espresso.