Kiss Daniel has informed us via his Instagram handle that he just purchased his second house in Haven Homes, in the luxurious area of Lekki Lagos.
It would be recalled that the Yeba crooner wrongfully terminated his relationship with his ex-label G-Worldwide Entertainment, in October 2017 less than years into his 7 year contract with the label.  Following warnings issued to the public by the label’s lawyers, Calmhill Partners, to avoid doing business with the artiste who was performing songs belonging to the label, the label sought injunctions against Kiss Daniel.
In the heat of the social media saga that followed, Kiss alleged that his ex-label was paying him only N30,000 and then N50,000 per month, and he also claimed that they treated him like a slave. Other allegations leveled against his former employer was that he was denied attendance of his late father’s burial, and no collaborations were permitted.
Having followed the events we believe placing the facts side by side now shows which of the parties has been truthful.
First, Kiss alleged that he was being paid only N30,000 per month and this was denied by the label who asserted that they revised the sharing formula and gave him 40% of revenue. In fact the label stated that they had paid him over N120m! Kiss is yet to deny this.
That the label took good financial care of the artiste is evidenced by the recent revelation by Kiss that he just acquired his second house in Lekki Lagos, which sells for no less than N40m! So where the money come from for his first house and the numerous cars he has been flaunting on social media including is Mercedes Benz S-Class which is worth more than 15m? Or did he lie to his fans to gain social media sympathy when he was shouting that he wasn’t been paid? How many artiste can testify to have acquired two houses in Lagos in 4 yearsunder any Nigerian label. Although in Kiss case his parents are still languishing in Kuto, Abeokuta whilst he’s jumping from new house to new house.
The artiste also misled the public and his unknowing followers to believe that the label denied him from engaging in collaborations. The truth has however unraveled and in the second album Evolution, collaborations were made for him with the likes of Olamide and Phyno. In fact the new song “For You” which he has been promoting featuring WizKid, which is a song belonging to the label, was not mastered as a collaboration, but the artiste is still deceiving his fans into believing the song is his own.
Kiss also led the public to falsely believe that no order of status quo was made against him, until the label produced one made against him in December 2017 by the Federal High Court, sitting in Lagos. He and his lawyers became quite afterwards.
The most recent attempt at deception is the ruling delivered by the Court on 9th March 2018. News quickly filtered that Kiss had won the case filed against him by the label. Whilst we were waiting for Kiss and his team to produce a copy of the judgment, the real story was released that the judge did not grant the injunction it intended to as the same evidence would be used in the trial and final judgment in the matter, and he granted an order for accelerated hearing.
It seems that the true state of events between the parties is close to being fully unraveled. The public woke to a new tale from the artiste that he has suddenly become 23 years old, and he is now dating our very own Miss Kedike, Chidinma! Hmmm… Chidinma, please watch out o!!!

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