NECO Animal Husbandry Obj And Essay/Theory Solution Questions and Answer – JUNE/JULY 2018 Expo Runz.

    Animal OBJ:

    Area of the pasture 
    Area of trapezium
    = 1/2 (180+120)12
    = 1/2 x 300 x 12
    = 300 x 12/2
    = 1,800m²
    ii) Area of calops crops
    20cm x 30cm
    = 0.2m x 0.3m
    = 0.6m²
    Population of colapo
    = 30,000

    Maintenance ratio is the type of ration given to farm animal just to maintain normal functioning of the body system.
    Production ration is the type of ration given to farm animals to enable them to produce
    Maintained ratio: the animal that can feed maintenance ratio are non lactating animals

    i) it can lead to carnibacism
    ii) it can cause fighting between animals
    iii) it can lead to stunted growth
    iv) they are liable to contact disease easily


    i)cleaning or sanitation

    i)snail hutches
    ii)trench pens

    ii)coagulation of protein in milk
    iii)separating of curd

    i)regular vaccination
    ii)good sanitation
    iii)quickly isolate the affected animals
    Zonotic disease
    initially the number of goat in stock is 65

    ii)example- epidermis 

    i)identify any exotic pests that may be in their hives,
    ii)Examine the brood and colony at least several times a year during spring, summer and autumn.
    iii)Always be calm and methodical when working with hives, and try to avoid any sudden or sharp actions.
    Opening the hive

    (In tabular form)
    i)Oestrogen is used for a hormone replacement treatment for women who have undergone sexual transformation.
    Progesterone is a common hormone that is
    produced both by women and men. 
    ii)Oestrogen is a class of steroid compounds and functions as chief sex hormones in women
    progesterone is a C-21 hormone involved in pregnancy and embryo genesis.

    iii)light intensity

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