NECO 2018 English Language Obj, Essay and Test of Orals Answer – June/July Expo

English OBJ:

i) Changes comes as a result of new policy of work by new government
ii) It results from changing of political climate and power
iii) It results from change in economic situation

i) Unnecessary operations should be eliminated
ii) Information will be regularly provided in relation to cost and activities of managers at all level.
iii) The cost of government operations should be clearly identified.

The family didn’t move with him because he is frequently transferred, and not to disrupt the education of his children.

Living alone affected him because he easily drift in to one amorous liaison or another.
Suzzy developed the idea of claiming to be pregnant for Mr. Johnson
Because he hated polygamy
Mr. Johnson tried to escape Suzzy’s trouble by moving into a plush house in another part of the town
Because she needed Mr. Johnson to pay for maltreating her
i) Adverbial clause
ii) It modifies the verb “hurt”
Mrs Johnson gladly received the baby because no one else came with the baby.
i) Amorous – Lustful
ii) Furious – Enraged
iii) Voluntarily – Willingly
iv) Plush – Luxury
v) Enraged – Furious
vi) Writhed – Twisted

A very good afternoon to one and all. I’m a student of (your school name); And today I consider it to be an immense pleasure to stand before all of you to express my views on the debate topic which states that being self employed is better than working for others. It is my earnest prayer to all to give me patient hearing for few minutes for which I shall be extremely grateful . I am standing in front of you this morning to support this motion which states that being self employed is better than working for others with the below points .
You ’ re your own boss . You knew this one was coming , didn’ t you ? It ’ s the one we
all dreamed about when we realized self- employment was a viable option : being our own boss . Escaping the rat race and
living life as we pleased . Remember that ?
When you ’ re self -employed , you no longer have a “ higher up ” governing your every move . You control how your work
is done . Your client has a say in the final product , but that ’ s it — their power ends there . How you get from my points:

i) You earn more money:
On average , freelancers earn 45% more than those who are traditionally employed . They ’ re also allowed to deduct vertain business expenses that employees are not, allowing
to actually keep more of what they earn .
Negotiating High End Rates . There ’ s no reason you can ’ t pull in just as much ( or more !) money now than you did when you were traditionally employed .
ii) You spend less:
When was the last time you were stuck in traffic on your way
to work ? If you perform your professional duties from a home office , it ’ s most likely been a very , very long time .
( And , no , waiting in line for the bathroom for your morning shower doesn ’ t count) .
Think of all the money on gas you ’ ve been saving. Even if you work outside of your home , as someone who ’ s self- employed , you were able to choose the location . And
I ’ d be willing to bet you chose somewhere that nixed the lengthy commute .
Child care expenses may also be a thing of the past for you . Along with expensive daily lunches “ out” because of your
distinct distrust of the office fridge .
iii) You enjoy variety:
When you were an employee — whether you were crumbling away in a cubicle ,restlessly working retail , or dying at the drive -thru — you were handed a manual or given some hasty instructions by your boss and the . You knew what you needed to know to perform your job , and there was never any reason to grow beyond that . Because your job never , ever changed . As a freelancer , your job is changing constantly . You’ re expected to continually adapt , learn , and update your skills . With every new client comes a new challenge . when you ’ re self- employed , you ’ re forced to think to be creative and you love it, don ’ t you ? It ’ s okay to admit it. It ’ s a great feeling to know that your skills are being put to good use and that those skills are going to continue to grow as your business grows .
iv) No co -worker drama:
Many of us work alone ( or work remotely ) and that isolation can be a bit daunting at times. But do you really, honestly, miss your co -workers ? Even the one who listened to her music sans headphones ? What about the guy who loved to talk ( loudly ) on his cell phone during his breaks …right next to you ? Or how about the gem of a human being who shirked all of their cleaning duties on you ? Your favorite co -workers became your friends and are likely still a part of your life in that capacity . Everyone else ? Good riddance!


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