NECO GCE Chemistry Practical Solution Questions and Answer – NOV/DEC 2017 Expo Runz.

Methyl Orange
Reason:- Titration of strong acid against base
1aiv)2HCL(aq)+ x2Co3 -> 2 x CLaq + H20(aq) + CO2(g)
Molar mass of HcL = 1+35.5
Con of A is moldm^-3 =
Con of A of gdm^3/molar mass in gdm^3
using CAVA/CBVB = a/b
CA = 0.200mol/dm^3
VA = 26.20cm^3
Cb = ?
VB = 25.0cm^3
a = 2mols
b = 1mol
0.200mol/dm^3 x 26.2cm^3/Cb x 25.0cm^3
= 2mols/1mol
Cb = 0.200×26.20×1/25.0×1
Cb = 5.24/25.0mol/dm^3
Cb = 0.2096mol/dm^3
Conc. of B in gdm-3/Conc. of B in mol/dm-3
=10.6gdm-3/0.148 gdm-3
Relative atomic mass of X

Sample X is a soluble salt

A gas is evolved. The gas turns red moist litmus blue.
It forms white fumed when NaOH solution was added was added
Alkaline gas
CO3 gas is CO3^2-
The solution is alkaline
(NH4)2CO3(aq)+2NaOH(aq) >> Na2CO3(aq)+2NH3+2H2O(g)
REAGENTS: Adition of KSCN Solution
(Fe2+): Pale-colouration
(Fe3+) Blood red colouration
REAGENT: Addition of NaOH solution in drop till excess
(Fe2+): Dirty green gelatineous precipitaye which is insolube in excess NaOH.
(Fe3+): Reddish brown gelatineous precipitate which is insolube in excess NaOH.
REAGENT: Addition of K2Fe(CN) solution
(Fe2+): It forms a dark blue precipitate
(Fe3+): A deep red colouration

i)NH4CL and AgNo3

– Burrette
– Reshort Hand
– Solution/Acid
– Conical Flask
– white tile
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