A South African Twitter user (@keyishoAmi) tweeted on her page praising Nigerian men are the best men a woman can ever dream of . she also posted pictures of a 2018 Volkswagen bought by her Nigerian husband who is based in Soweto , South Africa.

She posted ( @keyishoAmi) :

When It Comes To Women, Nigerian Men Are The Kings Of taking care of Women in Africa” Nigerian men are greatest men I’ve ever had a relationship with. would love to get married to one if she can find one. My Nigerian husband just bought me a Nice 2018 Volkswagens I love it.Despite the hatred and distrust by many South Africans on Nigerians living in South Africa.

I’ve been scared of what people will say. But funny enough, I love them and I am to married to one”. Nigerians men are better than South African men. Get Yourself a Nigerian Man and enjoy life #upnaijamen