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INSTRUCTION: Answer Five (5) Question in All, one (1) Question in Each Section.

Theme of Superstition
The kufi Community is replete with superstitious beliefs as shown in the novel.
one of Such are the signs on the day Ajumobi dies. this is describe thus;
The night Ajumobi died, Nine full moon, A shooting star zoomed down the empty sky in a long line of fire; the people heard the Go-away bird hooting a sad mournful tune on the bough of an iroko. The meaning of all this were very clear to Yaremi: Ajumobi has been accepted by his maker. A spirit had gone straight to heaven-not missing the way.
Another Superstitious belief in Kufi as reflected in the novel is that one can get a long needle to pin down the shadow of the hawk perching on a tree and the hawk will come rolling straight down-stoneded, in a matter of seconds.
Another superstitious belief is that human being turn to bad birds in order to commit evil. Yaremi has been linked to such in tales at one time or the other.
In Kufi, the oracle is believed to be all-seen and-knowing; powerful beyond description an unspeakable mighty.

The Role of Fear
Bigger’s fear can be portray in the novel when he insisted of not working with the white. Bigger’s fear of the wise also contribute to the death of Mary. out of fear of losing his job if miss dalton finds him in her daughter’s room so late at night-whereas he is only helping the drunk mary-he uses a pillow to cover mary’s mouth so that she will not make any sound. in the process, he suffocates her to death. Psychologically, Bigger reasons that Mary’s mother can be amply justified by the fear and shame she had made him feel during the short period they spend together.
This is a result of his bottled-up fear of white people to Bigger and his Kind.
Bigger’s describe his ever prevailing fear of the white as something that; lives right down here in my stomach in No. 51 of the novel. Another instance of Bigger’s fear is also behind his attack of gus under the pretext that he is late for the robbery at Blum’s place.despite bigger’s tough posturing, he is rude by an inner fear of the white hence he does not want to carry out the Robbery at Blum’s place.
before then, all the robberies carried out by the gang have been on blacks. the planned robbery in Blum’s place is the first time they are contemplating attacking a white man.

Character of ACP Yakubu
ACP Yakubu is the police officer who places on his own shoulders the duty of investigating the allegation against Chief Halalu-Amaka and bringing him to book.
in doing so, he has to act against the interest and step on the feet of many people, including his own boss.
The following can be said of him.
He is principled and uncompromising
ACP Yakubu exhibits this character from the point of his being introduced into the play till the end. having read of the fraud and embezzlement in the minister of external relations, he warms himself up to the challenge of investigating it.
He is very patriotic
ACP Yakubu places the interest of his country above his personal interest.he gets so angry whenever he read or hears about any unpatriotic act especially of those in Authority.
He is Focused,Courageous and Determined
ACP is a character who cannot be the derailed once he has set himself out on a target for Example while investigating the atrocities committed by chief.
He Could be Appreciative
The ACP is quick to appreciate inspector Inaku for doing a good Job in the type of useful informatio the inspector is able to extract from Ageyi as evidence with which to prosecute chief Haladuade-Amaka.

Assess of the character of Tony in the play “She stoops to Conquer
(not a raising in the son)
Tony is the son of Mrs hardcastle. Her mother has given birth to him for another man before her marriage to Mr hardcastle .the following are tony’s character traits in the play:
From the beginning, tony does not approve of her mother’s imposition of a relationship on him. He employs every means to say so and that shows how blunt and sincere he can be. in refusing even the slightest family member interaction with Neville. Tony comments that he is not more a fool.
Tony does not like the company of ladies generally. Hastings notice this and make a comments. He shuns all overtures to him by his mothers to enter a relationship with miss Neville. He even detest the slightest friendship which miss Neville intends to make with him.
Tony is one of the humorous characters in the play. His speech are always humour-like. For instance, his mother plead with him not to go out for once and advice him to stay behind to keep the company of the expected guest.
Tony does not support her mother in decisions to keep miss Neville’s jewels. He then goes all out in search for the jewels where they are hidden and he brings them to hastings for onward delivery to the right owner, miss Neville.
Tony can be sometimes become abusive. He demonstrates this in his comment to hastings about miss hardcastle

Theme of love in the poem shall I compare thee to a summer’s day.
The poet lavishes his love and affection on the poet personae who is his blossom friend. To explain the degree of his affection for him,the poet makes recourse to a metaphoric comparison of his friend to a summer’s day. A normal day in summer is bright, sunny and lovely the poet thinks that his friend shares that feature and even more than what a summer day has.”shall I compare thee to a summer’s day”thou art more lovely and more temperature ”
To show his level of affection for his poetic object (his friend),the poet begins to wish him so much good things of life. He wishes his friend friend youthful strength and elegance and unfading beauty. “But thy eternal summer shall not fade nor lose possession of that fair thou invest”
He also wishes that his friend could live longer :” nor will death brag thou
Wander’st in his shade”.
Since death is inevitable however, he wishes to show his love for his friend even in death. This he intends to do by writing poem about him:”when in eternal line to time thou gowest so long as men can breathe or eyes can see so long lives this and this given life to thee.”


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