A short story Written by Light and corrected by Albert Anthony C.

It was really a stressful day to everyone of us in the class room especially I after spending some hours without giving a credit or rest, Mr Hustle at his side invaded to cover his four weeks lectures in three hours out of his selfish reason that one of us reported him to school authority, it was an awkward moment for a lady who unfortunately coughed in his lecture hall, though sometimes it really happened but ended with a warning. Mr Hustle disheveled and painted with a heavy annoyance once it came to his notice nothing we did that very moment yielded a good fruit; if not punishment it’s warning or out of the class.
With overwrought, he placed a ‘we must attend practical, vow he will drastically deal with anyone who refuses to attend that very practical after spending a nasty hours now mandating another dilemma and exasperation practical, I almost cursed him but I forsake him to die on his own naughty behaviors.
4m.p. arrived after waiting for so long, no one was missing unlike before, both the one who was absent were put to call. Respectfully, I sat down quietly to avoid been used as a warning to others, after a mighty practical of his, he gave an assignment to summit in three days time with different data, no data should be seen in two answersheet, he announced, ordering for a neat research, and good presentation attracts tremendous mark.
How can i embark on this research I have no Android phone or laptop, Uncle Jake refused to buy one for me after claiming all our father’s asserts, oh my God, it really was a dramatic moment when I  moved into another building thinking it was mine.
The next day I decided to try a friend of my neighbor who usually visit on daily bases, fortunately, I met him on his room though I do go with my neighbor, each time I visited a neighbor of his do eye me but I dislike her she is not my taste perhaps she is fat, she was sitting down when I passed her after throwing a greeting to her definitely, but she kept silent. After sharing my story with my neighbor friend, he agreed to give me his laptop. Meanwhile, I had a subscription on Glo line without a knowledge. it’s hard to get a service at his area suddenly he got a call which attracted for his presence urgently. He left me at his room and zoomed off.
15minutes later service went off at the middle of my research, I was biased until I decided to start changing positions. It works sometimes and annoyed also, am idea witty into my head which was to carry it up, I started carrying it from one spot to another eventually a mosquito from no where started singing to my ear at the same time disturbing me in a darting manner.
All my concentration was on the laptop when the mosquito seems to be troublesome. I decide to fight back without knowing it will cause anguish. Foolishly I carried the laptop with one hand, trying to kill the mosquito with the other hand, suddenly the mosquito flew directly at the hand I held the laptop with. It happened quickly that I can’t actually imagine how it happened but it really happened, then I attacked fast. Before I could know what was going on, the laptop fell down and destroyed; a laptop of 80 thousand naira
Am finished!
I was disheveled unknowing what to do till my neighbor friend came back. He was shocked to see that his laptop has been destroyed, I was trying to explain when he gave me a punch that i will never forget in my life, he immediately bounced on me dashing me punches. Could I have allowed him to kill me?, no!, I think of what to do but no good idea came. With annoyance, I pushed him back with force without minding the short cupboard at his back. He bounced at the cupboard and fainted. I was mad. I sought for solution  none came till his neighbor ran in and started shouting that I have killed Joshua
All the neighbor ran in, we’ll started pouring him water, thank God he came back to life, I was in state of jubilation when four police men came in and arrested me, they handcuffed me for two charges,
1: for destroying his laptop out of jealous.
2 : for attempting to commit murder.
What I never know till now was the person that called the police men
 It marvels me, then I was pushed inside the cell because of mosquito.
Two days later I was bailed by my stingy uncle after buying a new laptop worth 85 thousand naira.
See what the stupid mosquito caused me.
The most annoying of all the scene was the failure to kill the mosquito.
________________The End____________