With the education system on ground, every student must write a project before graduation. Polytechnic students write two projects, one at the National Diploma (ND) level and the other at the Higher National Diploma (HND) level. But then, many people have difficulties in choosing a project topic. That is why many students outsource their project work and pay huge amount of money just to get the project done. But then, if you can get a topic you can do, you will do it comfortably do it without stress. There are few points I will list below which will serve as guidelines to help you in choosing the project topic. Think well before you choose whatever topic you want to do as your project. I have provided an advice to young students who want to do their project work. Read the advice and try to adhere to it, it will be of great help to you. Therefore, the underlisted are things you consider before choosing a project topic.

Your knowledge level: Knowledge they say is power. The first thing you must consider before choosing a project topic is your knowledge level. The primary reason why many students outsource their project work not because they do not have time but because the topic exceeds their knowledge level. If you must comfortably choose a reasonable project work, you must check your knowledge level. You will spend about 2, 3 or 4 years before you start your project work. Use these few years to study heard so as to be fully grounded in at least one field, so that when the time for project comes, you will know what to do. Your project must not be complex as many people think it is. If you think that project is a big deal, the recommendation I will give you is to look for an existing work in your field and improve on it. Truly, project work is very simple. Find out what you can do then go into it. As much as possible, choose a topic for yourself, do not allow your supervisor to choose for you. You are the one to do the project work yourself not your supervisor. Therefore, be guided. If you choose a project topic based on your knowledge level, you will do your project work without stress.

Your financial capacity: Once again, let me state that your project work is not a complex stuff. Though, there are some project that are capital intensive, but yet be careful in choosing your project topic. Before embarking on any project work, check your financial strength and that of your sponsors. As much as possible, try to downsize your budget before choosing your project topic.

Kind of lecturers in your department: Another thing to consider is the kind of lecturers in your department. In some departments, lecturers stands as stumbling blocks to many students. In my own little knowledge, you can apply for a change of project supervisor. The simplest way to do that is by simply approaching the lecturer whom you want to supervise you. If he agrees, good enough. The reason why you must consider the kind of lecturers you have before choosing a project topic is because many lecturers will frustrate your efforts. Knowing fully that your supervisors are human beings and as such are also limited in knowledge. It might be that your supervisor knows nothing about the project work you want to embark upon. How then do you want him to supervise you in what he does not know? Therefore, this is another thing to consider before choosing your project topic.

Availability of materials: Be informed that most of the project work done by students are simple improvement on already existing ones. Therefore check for availability of related and relevant materials before you jump into doing your project work. If your chosen topic does not have much materials, then your project work will seriously limited. So the more the available materials, the easier for you.

Relevance of your project topic: The next thing to check for is the relevance and impart of your project work. Make sure that your project work is not that which will take us to centuries and decades back. Let your project work match with the latest trend in technology. With this, you will not have difficulties in getting a scope for your project work. Also the relevance of you project work will determine if or not your supervisor will show interest in your work.