WAEC 2018 All Questions & Answers Direct To Your Phone As SMS [CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE]

Subjects Available
*. English
*. Mathematics
*. Biology
*. Physics
*. Chemistry
*. Literature in English
*. Government
*. Economics
*. Commerce
*. I.R.K
*. Agric Science
*. Geography
*. Accounting
*. Further Maths
*. Civil Education
*. Computer Science
*. Office Practice
*. Physics Practical
*. Chemistry Practical
*. Biology Practical
*. Agric Practical
*. Computer Practical

Check from our below Subscription Price List that best Suites you, then Deposit the exact Amount applicable into any of the below Bank Accounts:

Subscription Price List

*. ALL Subjects + Practicals (VIP Treat): N14,000
*. 9/8/7 Subjects + Practicals: N7,000
*. 9/8/7 Subjects Without Practicals: N6,000
*. 6 Subjects + Practicals: N5,500
*. 6 Subjects Without Practicals: N5,000
*. 5 Subjects + Practicals: N4,500
*. 5 Subjects Without Practicals: N4,000

WAEC Bank Account Details
Send To us Through WhatsApp/Text only: I need 042tvseries Account Details to +2349038590421 For 042tvseries Account Details When You Are Ready To Make Payment
** After Payment, Send the Name You used When Depositing to our Bank Account, the Bank Name, Your payment Deposit Slip no., Your Phone No., Your Subjects and a Short text ‘I Paid for Waec  Solution’ as SMS to 08132880179
E.G:- Name: Bello Emanuel, Teller number: 823255PA, Phone Number: 08034567892, Subjects: Eng, Maths, Phys, Econs, Chem, Bio, Geo, Agric & Commerce. I paid for WAEC  Expo,
** Automatically you are now listed in our WAEC SOLUTION DATABASE after we get a notification from the Bank.

Choose from our below Subscription Price List that best Suites you, then Send/Transfer the exact Amount Of Airtime To 09038590421:

Subscription Price List

SUBJECTS(Direct Mobile)
– English = N1,000(MTN CARD)
– Maths = N1,000(MTN CARD)
– Biology = N800(MTN CARD)
– physics = N800(MTN CARD)
– Chemistry = N800(MTN CARD)
– Geography1 = N800(MTN CARD)
– Geography2 = N800(MTN CARD)
– Crs = N800(MTN CARD)
– Literature1 = N800(MTN CARD)
– Literature2 = N800(MTN CARD)
– Government N800(MTN CARD)
– Further Maths = N1,000(MTN CARD)
– Geography = N800(MTN CARD)
– Economics = N800(MTN CARD)
– Commerce = N800(MTN CARD)
– Accounting = N800(MTN CARD)
– Agric-Science= N800(MTN CARD)
-Office Practice=N800(MTNCARD)
-Marketing=N800(M|TN CARD)
-Insurance=N800(MTN CARD)
Civic Education=N800(MTN CARD)

Direct Sms Practicals
-Agric = N600(MTN CARD)
-Biology = N600(MTN CARD)
-Chemistry= N600(MTN CARD)
-Physics= N600(MTN CARD)

Password/Link Subscription
For those that needs password for our link/Answer page
Internet LINK [A page With answers Will be sent to you

You Must be connected to internet on your fone

-English =N600(MTN CARD)
-Maths = N600(MTN CARD)
-Biology = N400(MTN CARD)
-physics = N400(MTN CARD)
-Chemistry = N400(MTN CARD)
-Geography1 = N400(MTN CARD)
-Geography2 = N400(MTN CARD)
-Crs = N400(MTN CARD)
-Literature1 = N400(MTN CARD)
-Literature2 = N400(MTN CARD)
-Government N400(MTN CARD)
-Further Maths = N600(MTN CARD)
-Geography = N400(MTN CARD)
-Economics = N400(MTN CARD)
-Commerce = N400(MTN CARD)
-Accounting = N400(MTN CARD)
-Agric-Science= N400(MTN CARD)
-Office Practice=N400(MTNCARD)
-Marketing=N400(M|TN CARD)
-Insurance=N400(MTN CARD)
-Civic Education=N400(MTN CARD)

Practicals for Link
-Agric = N300(MTN CARD)
-Biology = N300(MTN CARD)
-Chemistry= N300(MTN CARD)
-Physics= N300(MTN CARD)


*. ALL Subjects + Practicals (VIP Treat): N14,000
*. 9/8/7 Subjects + Practicals: N7,000
*. 9/8/7 Subjects Without Practicals: N6,000
*. 6 Subjects + Practicals: N5,500
*. 6 Subjects Without Practicals: N5,000
*. 5 Subjects + Practicals: N4,500
*. 5 Subjects Without Practicals: N4,000

(i) MTN CARD Pin(s) or Transfer.
(ii) Subjects.
(iii) Your Name.
(iv) Phone number to 09038590421
**NOTE:- All SMS Sent To The Above Number Are Attended To, Our Phone Number Might Be Diverted To Avoid Distraction.
Always Send Us SMS Of Your Complaint Even When Our Number Is Diverted Or Not Available, Your Message(s) Will Get To Us And We Will Reply You ASAP.
-For Direct Mobile Gets Answers Direct on their phones and also answer Link/Password 15 mins after Exam has commenced, Sometimes IT COMES BEFORE THE EXAM STARTS DEPENDING…
-Link Subscribers gets Link of where answers are posted online and OBJs Direct on their phones.

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