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Animal Husbandry OBJ: 

Ration is the amount of feeds given to farm animal within 24hrs which comprises a careful combination of carbohydrate, protein , fat and oil , vitamin and mineral

i. Flooding
ii. Low Moisture
iii. Bedrock Near The Surface
iv. Steep Topography
V. Rainfall
(i) Rectum
(ii) Bladder
(iii) Scrotum
(iv) ampule
(i) Cervical air sac
(ii) Clavicular air sac
(iii) Sinus
(iv) Trachea
(3b) Bull:
(i) Rectum: It’s Tue last step before the feces is eliminated through the anal canal.
(ii) Bladder: It functions as body’s urine storage.
(iii) Scrotum: It contains the testicles called(testes)
(iv) Ampulla: It contains the cupula, a cluster of sensitive hairs embedded in the jellylike mound.
(i) Cervical air sac: The extension of lungs in birds.
(ii) Clavicular air sac: It permit flow of air
(iii) Sinus: Lighten of the squll OR improve voice.
(iv) Trachea: an integral air way which allows air in hen
During mastication or chewing of cassava in the mouth of a pig. The salivary gland of the pig produces a digestive enzyme called ptyalin which act on the cassava thereby converting the cassava starch to maltose. The salver also helps for the lubrication of the food curd(cassava tuber).
(i) Comb
(ii) Eyes
(iii) hock joint
(iv) foot
(v) abdomen
(i) New castle disease
(ii) Infections bronchitis
(iii) Avian pox
(i) Loss of Appetite
(ii) Excessive Thirst
(iii) Weight Loss
(iv) Slobbering
(v) Vomiting
Drenching is the administering of drug to an animal by mouth mouth into the stomach, usually by force, to rid them of helminths parasites, such as roundworm, flukes and tapeworm.
Dipping is is an efficient method of delivering pesticide or other liquid treatments to a large herd to protect sheep from infestation against external parasites such as itch mite, blow-fly, ticks and lice.
(i) Respiratory system
(ii) Digestive system
(iii) Reproductive system
(i) The eye
(ii) ear lobe
(iii) wattle
(iv) wing
(v) tail
(i) Avian influenza
(ii) fowl cholera
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