WAEC Literature-In-English (prose) Obj And Essay/Theory Solution Questions and Answer – May/June 2018 Expo Runz.

Literature OBJ:
Faceless begins in a slum cynically christened Sodom and Gomorrah with 14-year-old Fofo narrowly escaping rape by Poison, a Street Lord and local thug. She flees to her friend Odarley where we learn that Poison controls even the shared toilets and that Fofo is constipated because all she’s had to eat is bread. The scene then shifts abruptly to the middle-class life of Kabria, a good-hearted researcher for MUTE, an NGO which is a repository for alternate stories not found in books. Kabria is harassed by her demanding children and a bone-idle husband who expects his wife to wait on him even though she is in full time work as well. When Kabria and Fofo cross paths, the young girl’s back story is gradually revealed. Like her older sister Baby T., she is cast out to fend for herself by her feckless mother Maa Tsuro, and like Baby T. she becomes a prostitute. Baby T. was found brutally murdered in the marketplace in another Accra slum called Agbogbloshie, and would have become just another forgotten casualty of slum life were it not for Kabria and her friend Dina at MUTE.

Manfred, Prince of Otranto – an arrogant, unprincipled man who lives in the shadow of a curse
Hippolita, the wife of Manfred – a noble, virtuous and religious woman who loves her husband, although he does not deserve her love
Manfred becomes obsessed with finding and marrying Isabella. But, first, he must divorce Hippolita. She is a devout woman who will do as a priest asks her, so Manfred wants the priest, Jerome, to convince her to accept the divorce. Since Isabella has asked for shelter in the church until her father arrives, Jerome is well-aware of Manfred’s ill intent toward her. There is some confusion here – some believe the father is dead, but she believes he is alive.

Conrad – the son of Manfred and Hippolita, who dies at age 15
Matilda – the beautiful, sweet daughter of Manfred and Hippolita, who is 18
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Verified WAEC 2018 May/June Literature-in-English (prose) OBJ and Essay Answer and Solution to the questions.