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WAEC GCE Biology Practical Solution Questions and Answer – NOV/DEC 2018 Expo Runz.

Biology Practical-Answwers
A is canine
B is molars
C is incisors
1aii. I canine
II incisors
IV. Molars
1aiii. A they are used for tearing and ripping food apart.
B they are used to chew foods.
C they are used for chopping and cutting food.
1aiv. A they are pointed teeth
B They are strong and wide
C They are shaped like small chisels with flat but sharp ends, making
i Use for tearing.
ii. use for chewing.
iii. use for cutting.
i. It has a flat rigid surface
ii. It has a sharp edges.
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D – Butterfly net
E – Pooter
F – Quadrat
I – Handle
II – Net
III – Tube for sucking in tiny organisms
IV – Cork
V – Beaker
VI – Tube for applying sucking
VII – Frame
VIII – Wire guaze
I – It is used to connect the net
III – It is used for collecting tiny organisms
IV – It prevents dirts from entering the suction tube
V – Containing the suctionate gas
VII – It gives support to the wire gauze
D – For capturing insects such as butterfly
E – For sucking tiny vertebrates such as insects and spiders
F – For capturing and re-capturing of small organisms
-house fly
I- libial palp
Ii- antenna
Iii- thorax
Iv- fore wing
V- abdomen
Vii- compound eye
Ix- dipitural wing
X- hind leg
3b) Vi- for detection of food or object
Vii – for vision
Ix – for taking off during flight
X- for balancing when at rest
Can also be for locomotion
A- grasses/vegetation
B- dirty water
3d) presence of antena for flying
– presence of compound eye
-presence of probocis for sucking.

(i) Presence of wing
(ii) Presence of antenna
(iii) Presence of compound eye

For A:
-Presence of labial palps
-Presence probocis
-Absence of limbs
For B:
-Absence of labial palps
-Absence probocis
-Presence of limbs
A – Insecta
B – Insecta
-Possession of three segmented body
-Possession of three pairs of limbs
-Possession of wings
-It helps in pollination of flowers

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Real and Confirmed WAEC GCE Biology practical Questions and Expo Answer – Jan/Feb 2018
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