WAEC GCE Biology Practical Solution Questions and Answer – NOV/DEC 2018 Expo Runz.

I- petal
Ii- ovule
Iii- ovary
Iv- filament
V- anther
Vi- stigma

Longitudinal section



I) petal attract insect which pollinate flowers
II)ovule produce the female Genets,develop into seed
III)anther contain the pollen grains
IV)stigma receive the pollen grains at pollination

E – Marginal placentation
F – Axile placentation
G – Parietal placentation
H – Free central placentation.

E – They are arranged in a single row.
F – They are divided into chambers.
G – The placenta occurs at the edge.
H – The placenta occurs freely in the centre.

E – Delonix Regia.
F – Tomato.
G – Paw-Paw
H – coconut

A – Sex male
B – Sex female
A – Because E is a sperm cell from A
B – Because D is an egg(ovum) from B

The letter X between diagram A and B represent mating (cross breeding)

ii)Sperm Cell

i)Because it where Sperm Cell are formed
ii)because it has head and tail region for movement
iii)Because the sperm and egg fuse together
iv)it is the product of the Union

The process is meiotic division

Vertical section of a human skin

i- hair shaft
ii- sebaceous gland
iii- erector muscle
iv- sweat gland
vi- blood vessel
vii- fatty cells
viii- cold sense receptor
ix- dermis
x- epidermis

i) excretion
II) maintenance of a suitable constant body temperature
iii) storage of reserved food
iv) protection
v) osmoregulation

low – constricts
high – contracts

VI) transfers oxygen and nutrients to the skin
VIII) responsible for sensitivity of the skin to light
X) provide a water proof Barrie’ and create our skin tone

i) hot day
-sweating and cooling
-skin relaxation
ii)Cold day
-Erector muscle contract
-skin assume erect position with trapped in between
victim D
i)bathing with soap and water
ii)exposure to fresh air
iii)check up on disease break out
iv)exposure to sunlight

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