WAEC GCE Chemistry Practical Solution Questions and Answer – NOV/DEC 2018 Expo Runz.

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I. Solution + NaOH in excess
Ii. Solution + NH3 in excess
Iii. Solution + BaCl + HCl in excess
Iv. Solution + AgNO3

I. White gelatinous precipitate soluble in excess NaOH
Ii. White gelatinous precipitate soluble in excess NH3
Iii. White precipitate formed with BaCl2 which dissolves in excess HCl
iv. White precipitate formed with AgNO3

Burrette readings/cm3:|titre 1|titre2|titre3
Final readings |33.20 |49.60 |1.50
Initial readings |16.40 |16.40 |16.65
Average volume of acid used
= 16.40+16.40+16.65(cm3)/3

i) Concentration of Y(OH)2.XH2O in mol/dm3
Using CAVA/CBVB = a/b
CA= 0.025mol/0.25dm3 = 0.1mol
VA = 16.48cm3
CB = ?
VB = 25.00cm3
a = 1mol
b = 2 moles
.:. CAVA/CBVB =a/b
= 0.1 mol/dm3 * 16.48cm3 * 2 moles / 25.00 * 1 mol
CB = 3.296/25
CB = 0.131mol/dm3

i)Desiccator- use for preserving moisture sensitive items
ii)Volumetric flasks are used for precise dilutions and preparation of standard solutions.
iii)Glass rod are used to mix chemicals and liquids for laboratory purposes.

i)Amphoteric is Al2O3
ii)Neutral oxide is H2O

1)hno3aq to cuco3 solid. a light blue solid,
precipitates is formed
2)acidified kmno4 to c2h4. c2h4 is oxidized to ethane-1,2-
3)iodine solution to a paste of unripe plantain. a bluish-black color is produced with iodine


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