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The scalar quantity is described as the quantity that has only one characteristic, i.e. magnitude. The vector quantity is a physical quantity which needs both magnitude and direction to define it.
2. Scalar quantities explain one-dimensional quantities. On the other hand, multi-dimensional quantities are explained by vector quantity.
3.Scalar quantity changes only when there is a change in their magnitude. As against this, vector quantity changes with the change in their magnitude, direction or both.

NOTE: This ^ sign means raise to power.

Similarity of scalar and vector.
both scalar and vector has magnitude.

Vector has magnitude and direction while scalar has only magnitude with no associated direction.

F=6.67 * 10^-11 * 9.1 * 10^-31 * 1.67 * 10^-27/5.3 * 10^-11

Whenever light passes from one material into another, it changes speeds and bends. You’ve probably noticed this before whenever you try to look at something underwater. Imagine that you look down into a clear lake and see a fish under the water.

1. Greater Bandwidth:
Copper cables were originally designed for voice transmission and have a limited bandwidth.
2. Faster Speeds:
Fiber optic cables have a core that carries light to transmit data. This allows fiber optic cables to carry signals at speeds that are only about 31 percent slower than the speed of light—faster than Cat5 or Cat6 copper cables.
3. Longer Distances:
Fiber optic cables can carry signals much farther than the typical 328-foot limitation for copper cables.
4. Better Reliability:
Fiber is immune to temperature changes, severe weather and moisture, all of which can hamper the connectivity of copper cable. Plus, fiber does not carry electric current, so it’s not bothered by electromagnetic interference (EMI) that can interrupt data transmission. 

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