Chidi came out from his room about entering the entrance of the sitting room when he heard his name called he turned and saw his sister walking toward him,she was coming from her room.
chidi was a 24 year old boy who is studying chemical engineering in the university of port-Harcourt he was in 300L, he was good looking, light chocolate and tall unlike Judith his younger sister who was fair in complexion that u will think she is am outcast. she was smiling as she walk up to chidi
Judith: good morning big bro
chidi seeing her happy always gives him joy for she was the world to him
Chidi: good morning,what’s up
Judith: cool, so where are u off to this morning
Chidi: am going back to school
Judith surprised) to school, but u just came back yesterday, how come you are leaving today
Chidi: well something came up that’s why I need to go back to school
Judith kay no problem just take care of yourself okey
Chidi: I will you too (kissed her on her cheek and left)
Judith went back to her room as soon as chidi left.
Amara came out of the house with her parents, the house was an old building which you can call a village house, Mr uche amara father who was just a farmer was on his 50’s and amara mother Mrs uche was a trader,Amare was the only child of Mr and Mrs uche they all live in the eastern part of the nigeria in a small village in imo state.
Mrs uche carring a luggage,she was looking sad)Amara
Amara with a smile)mama
Mrs uche: I will miss you
Amara: mama am only going to the city for my studies and nothing more,so please don’t feel sad (consoled her)and beside I will be coming from time to time and u can always reach me okey
Mr uche: don’t mind your mother you know women and their things,so Amara
Amara: yes papa
Mr uche: make sure you face your education, you know the family you are from and our belief always remember our Christian faith please don’t disappoint us okey
Amare: I will not papa
Mrs uche: and I also heard that the university is a very dangerous place please do be careful okey don’t keep bed friends alright
Amara: no mama, I will always be the daughter you raised I promised
Mr uche: you will manage the money I gave to you for now I will send you another one very soon
Amara: ah papa this one will be enough don’t worry yourself all I want is your prayers and I will be fine and take care of mama for me
Mr uche give out a loud laugh
Mr uche f course I will
Amara: I should start going now before I miss my bus
Mr uche h yes I will see you off at the motor park
Mrs uche h my daughter take care of yourself
Amara :I will mama
they hug eachother
Amara key bye
Amara took her luggage from her mother
Mrs uche: bye bye
Mr uche and Amara left ,Mrs uche went inside the house.
At the university of port-Harcourt compound Emma, jude, Godwin and chidi where sitting outside one of the class Window
Godwin upset) guys, I don’t understand that lecturer oh, I really don’t understand him everything you do is a problem
Emma: don’t mind him that’s how all of them behave they always want to get you upset so that they will us it against you but you know me ne I already knows all their tactics
Chidi laughing) you guys and your lecturers it’s one problem to another don’t you people gets tired I mean you guys know what they want just give it to them and they will all stay off you backs
Jude: it’s easy for you to say is it not because no one is disturbing you because of your father influence
Chidi: come on yes I know that’s one point but I also know what to do so that they can be pleased with me and if you follow my step I tell you all,your problems will be solved..
Jude hisses
Emma: anyway dat one ne ur own,least I forgot i saw Frank yesterday and he said the things we ordered for has arrived.
Chidi smile )that’s good news I mean it’s been long
Jude confused) Frank is something oh
Godwin: what do you mean
Jude: I called him today and he told me that it has not arrived
Emma surprised) what do you mean, are you trying to say he is playing with us
Chidi angry) when you guys were recommending this Frank of a guy I asked about him but you said he was good in things like this
Godwin raising the tone of his voice ) I mean this Frank need to be questioned ah,this is getting too much.
Emma: is he at home
Godwin: I don’t know but he told me that he will be around for the time been
Jude: why don’t we go and see him that’s more better .
Godwin: I think you are right, let’s go now
Chidi key if you want us to go
Emma: let’s go.
They all left.
To Be Continued…